Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What's in my COFFE CUP today?

Moving across the country comes with its challenges, high on my list is leaving behind my well loved coffee companies. I try my best to buy local, fair trade or free trade coffee and Vermont has a few companies that fit that bill and are also make a great cup of joe! When I arrived in Oregon I was overwhelmed by the new world of coffee, Eugene alone has at least 7 coffee roasters in town, and there are many more within a 2 hour drive of here as well. Despite all the great choices, I still get cravings for my old favorites. Luckily my Mom (a diehard coffee drinker known to drink a cup every night before bed) sends me a bag here and there to get me through! 
Cafe Alta Gracia
I am currently working my way through a bag of Cafe Alta Gracia, which is based out of my home town of Middlebury. It has everything going for it. It is organic, fair trade, shade grown from the Dominican Republic. If that weren't enough, Cafe Alta Gracia (the company name as well as this blend of beans) is a non-profit whose proceeds fund The Dream Project, which supports "educational opportunities for children in rural areas of the Dominican Republic." It is also really great tasting coffee!
Yup. That is creamy!
For more information or to order Cafe Alta Garcia visit to learn more about The Dream Project visit

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