Saturday, September 4, 2010


If you live in Oregon (or the whole west coast really) you should get out your keys right now because you are going to want to get in the car and drive to Eugene or Portland after you see this! Last weekend we used a visiting friend as an excuse to get doughnuts at Voodoo...

The boys got a "Old Dirty Bastard" which has chocolate frosting, oreo crumbs and peanut butter drizzle and a "Maple Bacon Bar" which is basically your favorite greasy spoon breakfast in doughnut form. It sounds gross, but trust me it is goooood.

I got the namesake "Voodoo Doll Doughnut" - chocolate frosting, tons of raspberry filling and a pretzel rod to make all your hexes come true.

Amazing amazing doughnuts. Check it out at !

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